Airkewld’s Stainless Steel Fuel Hardline

I’m adding this to my to get list. It looks cool and it’s a good idea.

Airkewld’s Stainless Steel Hardline system is here, and you immediately have faith in your fuel system.

The kit comes pre-bent with stainless steel .375″ tubing that can be cut to length to fit your application. This will do all the fuel lines needed in the engine bay that is not running a stock fuel pump application. You will need a soft line from the back of the tin union to the chassis fuel line outlet.

The kit comes with everything you see in the picture in blue.

Carb Bolts/Washers
B nuts
Gauge adapter
Liquid filled psi gauge
Tin union with nut
2x mandrel bent carb lines
1x center line
1x drop down line

You will need a cutting device of some kind, we recommend a tubing cutter. You will need a 37 degree flaring tool as well. Check our tool section if you don’t already have them.

Dellorto (12mm Banjo Bolt) Hardline Fuel Line Kit – 8080

Dellorto (7mm Banjo Bolt) Hardline Fuel Line Kit – 8081

IDA Weber Hardline Fuel Line Kit – 8082

IDF Weber Hardline Fuel Line Kit – 8083

Update on the Air Compressor

I completely forgot about the air compressor. I installed it several weeks ago.

I fashioned up an hour meter to track pump hours for maintenence.

I ran some 1/2″ RapidAir lines up and over…

…and down to a water extracting regulator.

I think I found the perfect container to catch the water.

Let There Be Air!

I received one of the two major pieces of gear needed to get this project underway.

Meet the Quincy QT-54. Now I have the power to start removing some of the ugly.

Next step is to get the garage in order and get ‘er installed.

Stay tuned…