Let There Be Air!

I received one of the two major pieces of gear needed to get this project underway.

Meet the Quincy QT-54. Now I have the power to start removing some of the ugly.

Next step is to get the garage in order and get ‘er installed.

Stay tuned…

New Tool Time

Whelp, my nearly 30 year old jack finally gave up the ghost.  At the recommendation of some friends on the 370Z Discord group, I just picked up this beefy baby.

Ghia Update


My better ⅔ did get me a good sized tool chest to organize my goodies. It’s nice to have everything in one place.

Pay no attention to the guy with the wounded extremities.

The draws are huge in this thing.

Next up: the air compressor. Stay tuned.

Portable Air Conditioner

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Honeywell 14,000 BTU (8,000 BTU DOE) Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump and Dehumidifier in White
SKU# 314472299

Links for Air System Components, Welding and Other Cool Tools

Sorry folks… This is probably more notes for me (links below images), but if you need some of this stuff…


How Shall I Get the Ghia to Bare Metal?

I’m contemplating the best way to get the Ghia to bare metal. There’s so much rust and filter on this thing, the best method is probably blasting or dipping.

My problem with that is it’s expensive and I suspect a lot of the metal is going to need to be replaced anyway. Why spend a lot on stripping just to throw it away?

Maybe I just need to DA it down the best I can and assess where I am with it.

Any thoughts?

This looks like a nice electric DA.