Drill Press Bench

Today I got my drill press bench together.

Later I’m going over to the in-laws to pick up the drill and some other stuff like my rolling bench and my daughter’s bike (she’s going nuts without her wheels).

I painted a little bit more on the lofts.

I ordered the bins for the main loft, so the rest of this mess should be organized soon.

Portable Paint Booths by Mobile Solutions

What do you do when you need a full capable yet temporary paint booth at your location?  Rent that bouncy house that was at the last birthday party your kids attended!

Well, not exactly, but along the same idea.  Check out the portable paint booths by Mobile Solutions.

Mobile Solution’s Website

Model MES23X15HDLT comes standard with the below features.

  • 1 23X15HDLT Fully Enclosed Portable Paint Booth
  • 12 Fresh Air Inlets Paint Booth Pads (along with covers)
  • 3 Exhaust Portable Paint Spray Booth Filters
  • 1 Automobile Entrance
  • 2 Employee Entrances
  • 2 Spray Equipment Access Panels
  • 3 Rapid Air Release Slots
  • 4 Emergency Exits
  • 8 Tie Down Straps
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 2 4000 CFM Air Movers
  • 1 Minor Repair Patch Kit
  • 1 Serial Number along with Production Date
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty

The Exhaust filters used exceed the 98% capture efficiency. EPA 6H Rule

3-wire vs 4-wire Branch Feeder

3-wire feeders to detached structures that had no other parallel metallic pathways(eg. conduit, water and gas piping, communication cabling, etc.) were allowed up until the 2008 NEC code cycle.

From then on, 4-wire feeders have been required.

4-wire feeders to panels in attached structures have always been required.

3-wire feeder to detached(no longer allowed as of 2008):

4-wire feeder to detached:

4-wire feeder to attached structure:

Under Hoist Stands

A pair of these (or more) are extremely handy to have, but at $130 each the cost would add up fast.

I’m thinking I can build these with some inexpensive angle iron centered around these (or something similar).  I’m always down for a project.  The images are links to the products.

1-1/8″-7 Hex Nut, Plain Finish, Grade 2 Steel, Right Hand

1-1/8″-7×2 ft., Threaded Rod, Steel, Grade A, Plain

Hole Punch for VIN Door Sticker

My original plan was to print my door sticker with the VIN number clear on a transparency. This would simulate the numbers being punch out like the factory sticker.  Now I’m wondering if a small punch to make actual holes in the sticker would work well.  I found this set, which goes down to 0.5mm.

Small Hole Punch Set

…or this might be a better option.

Hand Punch

I haven’t measured the holes yet, but this may be just crazy enough to work.