Here is a conversation between Roger at EmblemPros and myself about hydrocoating.

Jim:  One other thing I’m doing that you might be able to help with is a wood grain dash.  I’m also making a fiberglass center console and custom door panels inserts.  I see you do hydrocoating.  When size pieces can you do?  Would it be possible to coat these four pieces with a wood grain look so they all match?  What’s the coat like on this process?  I know very little about it.

Roger:  I can do them.  Do you have pictures so I can see the size?

Jim:  No, they haven’t been made yet.  The dash is going to be about 5 x 48, console insert 7 x 36, doors 8 x 16.

Roger:  I will need to see the pictures to get an accurate price together.  These sizes you have listed we can handle easily.  These are large. Based upon the sizes maybe $500.00?

Jim:  Awesome, I was just curious on a ballpark price, as I know nothing of hydrocoating with the exception of liking the results.  I’m sure I’ll be doing something along these lines when the time comes.

Jim:  Are there any surfaces that take the process better than others.  For example, once I make these fiberglass pieces, what would be the optimal finish for you to work with?

Roger:  As smooth as possible.  That’s all I need.

Jim:  So,  600 grit sanded, ready to paint primer?

Roger:  That’s  good.  We still may need to apply our chemicals, and adhesive promoters to it.  Then we primer, sand, and paint.  The smoother it is, the better the results will be.

Jim:  Should I go higher than 600 then?

Roger:  No that’s fine.

EP does good work.  They have made the custom badging on the Camaro and I’ll probably have them make the badging for the Ghia.

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Soda Blasting


With the chrome removed, we could tape the windows and blast for $800. We would need the car a couple of sunny days.

It’s bare metal but it’s primer ready and treated to prevent the flash rust you see with sand blasting.  The bare metal will have a gray finish and if kept inside will not rust for several days.   The last car we did stayed at our shop for a week before it was picked up with no primer.   You can see the results at the site linked    below.   You could bring it by Monday or Tuesday and we could do it the next day.   We are about a mile from the ATL airport one block inside I-285 off Old National Hwy.


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Bumper Distributor in Atlanta

I came across this on eBay.   Mr. Fiat eBay Syore????   Who knows, but they have bumpers locally.

  • Call Monday – Saturday (10:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST).
  • Everything Alfa is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Click here to email us.

Talked with Mom Today

For the ripe price of $21, she got the title.  I also got my time off approved and some money saved to rent a trailer.

Let’s hope this is it.

New Carpet & Headliner

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