Here is a conversation between Roger at EmblemPros and myself about hydrocoating.

Jim:  One other thing I’m doing that you might be able to help with is a wood grain dash.  I’m also making a fiberglass center console and custom door panels inserts.  I see you do hydrocoating.  When size pieces can you do?  Would it be possible to coat these four pieces with a wood grain look so they all match?  What’s the coat like on this process?  I know very little about it.

Roger:  I can do them.  Do you have pictures so I can see the size?

Jim:  No, they haven’t been made yet.  The dash is going to be about 5 x 48, console insert 7 x 36, doors 8 x 16.

Roger:  I will need to see the pictures to get an accurate price together.  These sizes you have listed we can handle easily.  These are large. Based upon the sizes maybe $500.00?

Jim:  Awesome, I was just curious on a ballpark price, as I know nothing of hydrocoating with the exception of liking the results.  I’m sure I’ll be doing something along these lines when the time comes.

Jim:  Are there any surfaces that take the process better than others.  For example, once I make these fiberglass pieces, what would be the optimal finish for you to work with?

Roger:  As smooth as possible.  That’s all I need.

Jim:  So,  600 grit sanded, ready to paint primer?

Roger:  That’s  good.  We still may need to apply our chemicals, and adhesive promoters to it.  Then we primer, sand, and paint.  The smoother it is, the better the results will be.

Jim:  Should I go higher than 600 then?

Roger:  No that’s fine.

EP does good work.  They have made the custom badging on the Camaro and I’ll probably have them make the badging for the Ghia.

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