Engine Du Jour: CB Performance 2332cc

175 hp

180 ft/lbs. of torque

#2242 Eagle Racing Camshaft

1.25:1 Rockers

Dual 48 WEBER IDA Carb Kit

Panchito 044’s w/57cc CNC Chambers

Magnaspark II Distributor

MSD Blaster 2 Coil

MSD Plug Wires

1 3/4″ A-1 Low Down Exhaust w/Bombshell Muffler

5.5″ Super Race Rods

#1303 Lightweight Flywheel

Stage-1 Clutch

EFI System: CB’s Gen4 Naturally Aspirated Kit

Even thought about stepping up to electronic fuel injection to complicate your VW’s simple carbureted engine? Even though EFI does add several extra components to your system, you can’t deny its benefits.

Check out this system from CB Performance —-> HERE

Engine Option 3: 2332 Turbo

Today’s engine option is on the extreme size.  It’s another 2332cc choice with a turbo charger.  This beast is capable of producing 330hp at 6400rpm and 290 ft/lbs of torque at 4300rpm.

84 Stroke x 94 Bore
44 x 37.5 Super Pro Heads w/Titanium Retainers, VW650 Springs
#2292 Eagle Racing Camshaft (FK-10)
1.4:1 Ratio Rockers
8:1 Compression
Gen4 Turbo EFI Hybrid Turbo
Water/Meth Injection
Boost Control
Crank Trigger Ignition

Engine Option 1: 2332 Stroker

I am certainly undecided on what size engine I want to go with, but I’m fairly sure I’m going to purchase a Builder’s Choice engine package from CB Performance. These kits take all the guesswork out of building an engine for someone who is mechanically inclined but may not be overly knowledgeable on the VW platform.

One of the kits I’m interested in is the 94 x 86 stroker, coming in at 2332cc and producing around 200hp. This would be great power in a sub-2000 pound car.

Build Advice from Airkewld

…from an email dated 7/17/17.

Thanks for the email Jim, the renderings, and the information. It will allow me to understand your vision and give you the best recommendations I can.

So, if you are building this for show use, anything can be done because expectations are about fit, finish and accomplishing your vision. Love the photoshops, it looks incredible. I need to be the devil’s advocate though. 19’s on a late model ghia, that is going to be tough. You really only have 7″ total width to play with, so finding a wheel that fits exactly, before paint is key to the entire equation. Air Ride and high performance are polar opposites. High performance applications need stability, firmness, less sway and body roll. Air Ride is plush, soft, floats like a butterfly, etc. But if you are building a show car, totally bitchin’! In my opinion, you will need to go one route or the other if you have expectations of one or the other, as having both is not an option.

My opinion, 4″ Narrowed PRObuilt Beam with air ride, front and rear disc brakes in a porsche bolt pattern and a mild 1914cc and below engine. This is one route. The other route, 4″ Narrowed PRObuilt beam with adjustable shocks, big BAD Series Brakes, adjustable shocks in the rear and the big 220 horse engine. Both are cool in their distinctive looks but function completely different.

What do you think?

Airkewld LLC
Pete Skiba – Founder & COO

In retrospect, 220 ponies really would be over-kill for a 95% show Ghia. Realistically, am I going to spend 100’s of hours getting the body perfect to hit the road and beat the snot out of it? I’m guessing that 1914 would produce what, 110 – 120HP? Still a drivable VW. Probably save a couple grand on the engine build as well. I’ll need that, as I’m really stuck on the 19’s and I’m certain I’ll have to get them custom made.

Here’s what they suggested…

Air Ride Beam

Brake onto Ball Joints

Rear Air Ride Kit

Air Management Kit

Disc Brake Kit

EDIT NOTE FROM 2/27/2020

Perhaps consider this. A custom made Avant Garde F230, 17×7 and a 205/50 17 tire. Per Pete Skiba, an 7 inch wheel with a backspace of 5.125 to 5.5 inches will work with their Probuild 4″ narrowed beams. You will need to check with AG to see what offsets they can do on this wheel.