How Shall I Get the Ghia to Bare Metal?

I’m contemplating the best way to get the Ghia to bare metal. There’s so much rust and filter on this thing, the best method is probably blasting or dipping.

My problem with that is it’s expensive and I suspect a lot of the metal is going to need to be replaced anyway. Why spend a lot on stripping just to throw it away?

Maybe I just need to DA it down the best I can and assess where I am with it.

Any thoughts?

This looks like a nice electric DA.

Metal Prep: Pre and Post Epoxy Primr

I emailed Eastwood about the use of their epoxy primer.  Here’s their reply:

Good Morning Jim,

Your current project would be a perfect candidate for spraying Epoxy on and doing the body work at your convenience. 

You could use to remove the paint very quickly.  Just get the 80 grit version to keep the heat to a minimum when stripping the paint. 

I would recommend sanding all the bare metal with 180 grit to get it ready for the Epoxy.  Then wait at least 2-3 days before you start your body work for the primer to dry enough.  When the time comes to apply body filler I would recommend sanding the surface with 180 grit sand paper.  Then once you are done with the vehicle you can scuff the entire surface with a red scuff pad to get ready to move on to a high build primer.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to email anytime.  [After repairs, re-spaying the epoxy would be] a perfect way to make sure that if you have hit any bare metal while doing the body work that you will have the panels protected.

Lead Tech Advisor

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