Raven XL Subs with Zapco Z-AP Amp

I’m beginning to lean towards a system geared for SQ.  Two products that have peaked my interest are the Raven XL subwoofers and Zapco’s Z-AP amp line.

I’d prefer to go with the Raven 12XL subs in a vented box, but it’s huge coming in a 4 cubic feet each!  It’s 22Hz -3dB response is tasty though.  If the box is too big, the 10XL only requires 2.3 cubes and still has the same -3dB frequency.



Amp wise, they report hitting Xmax at 440 watts.  I have two choices.  The Zapco Z-400.2 AP can do 400 x 2 watts.  The Z-150.4 AP will do 500 x 2 watts.  I’m not really sure which would be best.

Z-400.2 AP

Z-150.4 AP