Insane Stereo System

Today whilst I was driving home, I happened beside a late model M3.  The bass coming from this car rattled my windows.  This got me thinking of the old days when I too once had a seriously loud system.  I got to thinking if I had my druthers, what kind of an insane system could I fit in my Ghia?  I came up with this.

How about 3 Alpine R-W12’s?

Maybe 4 Alpine SWR-8’s?

I would probably need about 4 pair of Alpine R-S65C components to have a shot at balancing it out.

How about power?  Maybe 4400 watts (RMS of course) from Memphis Audio’s VIV line.

This could work… or catch this ol’ VeeDub on fire.  Either way, it’ll be one hell of a show.  I’ll definitely need to beef up the electrical system.  Peace out for now.

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