Time to Refresh the Look

I decided to change to looks of the blog a little bit… still playing with it.

I also dropped “Restoration” from the title. The new title is The 1973 Karmann Ghia Project. This really isn’t a restoration of a 73. It’s not even going to look like a 73 when it’s done. Maybe it should be Resto-mod project??? We’ll see.

For now, I’ll leave it be.

Happy Holidays to the VW Community

2020 has definitely been an interesting year, for some more than others. I have experienced challenges and personal losses this year, as have many. At the end of the day, our five kids have remained healthy and bored to insanity with at-home learning.

Let’s welcome in 2021 with this joyful number from the kiddos.

How Shall I Get the Ghia to Bare Metal?

I’m contemplating the best way to get the Ghia to bare metal. There’s so much rust and filter on this thing, the best method is probably blasting or dipping.

My problem with that is it’s expensive and I suspect a lot of the metal is going to need to be replaced anyway. Why spend a lot on stripping just to throw it away?

Maybe I just need to DA it down the best I can and assess where I am with it.

Any thoughts?

This looks like a nice electric DA.