It’s Official!

After 2,324 days and 1,246 spams blocked by Akismet, the restoration is officially underway!

After discussing with my beautifully lovely better two-thirds, we have come up with a plan and means have been made available to get this project underway. That’s right… fewer garage and other car posts and more about getting down to it. Trust me, I know it’s been a long time coming, but everything in my life happens at the right time when it needs to happen (my main squeeze taught me that).

So without further ado, I have made my first purchase for the project. Since my garage is small and the car isn’t mobile, I have to have a way to move it around. I ordered these wheel dollies this morning to help with just that.

I also hung up the “to do” dry eraser board.

Stay tuned my friends…

Drop Loft Started

I had a little time to start building my drop loft yesterday, so I welded up the ceiling mounts. I had an issue with the welder which at first seemed like a bad ground, but I’m fearing it’s a power supply issue (as you can see from the crappy welds). Yet another excuse to get a nicer unit.

Lighting Update

The luminaries have arrived! Extra special thanks to Frank for hookin’ a brother up. I hope one day I can repay his superb generosity.

Now to find the time to install them…

Trophy Shelf

These trophies are from my first build. I think I’ll hang all my Camaro Gathering awards under the shelf. Perhaps I’ll need another shelf when the Ghia starts showing.