Looking for custom interiors

I was looking online, unsuccessfully, for some Ghias with custom interiors.  All I found was this.

Not a fan of this at all.  I’d get lost in the monochromatics…  and the bolt…  HOY!

Another internal conflict I’m having is the exterior color.  I feel obligated to yellow, but I keep seeing other colors that really appeal to me.  Like this one.

I really like this; it’s very classy.  What to do…  what to do…

Wheel / Tire Size

As any Ghia owner knows, there’s not a lot of room under these boogers for wide tires.  This sucks, as tiny tires and I don’t get along.  I had a chat with some friends from STF.  Here’s how that went down.

Cohibra45: I’m running Porsche 2.0 Fuchs (15×5.5 w/40mm offset) with 195/60/15 Goodyears. I might have been able to move up to 205’s.

Rob: I have seen as big as 16X8 on the rear with 225 tires, but I believe that took an incredible amount of measurements, offset calculations, and still a couple of test fittings.

flat_iv: I have 205/45/16 in the front and 205/50/16 in the rear on my ghia with 6 1/2″ wide wheels. Rears no problem. The fronts are a different story. Dropped spindles were added first but that was to low for me. The tires rubbed on the side of the fenders and the inside of the tire rubbed also. For the inside I just adjusted the steering box stops. Then I added heavy duty front torsion bars from Sway-away. That raised the front end approx. 3/4″. Now I don’t have any rubbing at all.

Also, a gentleman named Daniel is running a set of Porsche Cup wheels with 205’s on his Ghia. Check out the mods he had to do to his Ghia.








Holy Guano, Batman!!!!

Euro bumper start at $1,200.00+.  What are they made of…  platinum?

But while we are talking exterior, I’ve thought of a few things I’d like to do.

  • Euro or early model bumpers
  • Early model small front marker lights (clear?)
  • Early model tail lights
  • Shaved Volkswagen and VW badges
  • Shaved side molding
  • Shaved mirrors
  • Shaved antenna

Cool Wheels

I was looking in one of my parts stores websites and saw these wheels.  The wheel selections for this car is very limited, but I actually really like these ol’ chrome 8 spokes.

8 Spoke Wheel 18 Spoke Wheel 2


One of my first dilemmas was whether-or-not to change the color of the car.

At first, we were thinking red, like this candy brandywine from House of Kolors.

Candy Brandywine

The more I consider this color change, the more I can’t help but think, Grandpa wouldn’t like it.  Yellow was his color.  I fear if I changed the appearance of the car too much, it will loose it’s identity to me; it will no longer be Grandpa’s Ghia.

That having been said, I not a big fan of straight yellow paint.  I do remember one shade I’m quite found of.  I remember seeing it while looking at new cars at a Honda Dealership.

I love this color.

Awesome Yellow