Engine: To Build or Rebuild

At first, I though my best option was to rebuild the factory 1600cc engine and install a turbo on it.  Turbos are great and they can definitely make good power, but the plumbing and maintenance can be a definite downside.

After reconsidering, I believe I want to remove the factory engine completely, store it and build a new engine from scratch.

The Case:

Aluminum CaseHere’s my starting point:  an aluminum racing case.  It’s about 20 pounds heavier than the factory magnisium alloy case, but will offer more strength to handle the increased power output.

This case is machined for use with 94mm pistons.  Coupled with a mild stroke of 78mm, this should give me a displacement of 2165cc.  Add a cam with good street torque (Engle 110/120), dual 44mm Webers, custom ported big-valve heads, heavy duty single springs and a counter-weighted crank and we are off to the races.

Additionally, go with a full-flow oil system, small external oil filter and cooler and run 9:1 compression, so I can use pump gas.

We are talking dependable, near 911S performance (160HP range) and I’ll only have to change oil and adjust valves from time to time.

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  1. I am liking your ideas. In the end I am sure you will be very pleased and proud of what you have done. I can not wait to see what it is you come up with next. Keep me updated!!!!

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