VIN Sticker on Transparent Film

Looks good to me. I can paint in the white and leave the numbers clear to simulate a punch.


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  1. Where can i get one of those? Did you print it? an you send the source image? thanks

  2. Hi Jim,
    Do you still have the photoshop file for this sticker? I’d love to make one for my ’73. I wonder if the holes could be drilled with a piece of hollow tubing? I drilled all the holes above the speaker with a piece when I covered my dash pad with leather.


  3. Hi David,
    I do still have it. I planned on using a small hole punch I found on Amazon. There’s a post on here somewhere in the tools section. I think it might work. Did you want the English version or the novelty German version?

  4. Thanks Jim! I would need the english version. I’ll get the numbers off of my original. I ripped when i tried to take it off unfortunately.
    Your car look GREAT by the way!

  5. It would probably be better if I e-mailed it to you?
    Was your original black with the white letters? Mine is silver with block letters…
    Looking at the size of the holes, I don’t think I can find a piece of tubing that small!

  6. Mine is a ’73, build date of 12/72. The wording is identical, just a different color.
    If I could get the file I can play around with it. I’m pretty sure I have PhotoShop on one of my PC’s.

    I can send you a picture if you like, along with one of my Ghia.


  7. Yeah I’ll send it to you. The original is a black matte with white text. The punched numbers are solid groups of white dots. You’ll just have to color in the dots you don’t want to replicate your numbers. Should I just send it to your registered email?

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