Be Well, My Friends!

With all this COVID-19 crap going on, I hope you all healthy and doing well. Perhaps when all of this is done and life gets back to “normal” I can get a little something started on the Ghia.

Until then, be safe!

It’s Official!

After 2,324 days and 1,246 spams blocked by Akismet, the restoration is officially underway!

After discussing with my beautifully lovely better two-thirds, we have come up with a plan and means have been made available to get this project underway. That’s right… fewer garage and other car posts and more about getting down to it. Trust me, I know it’s been a long time coming, but everything in my life happens at the right time when it needs to happen (my main squeeze taught me that).

So without further ado, I have made my first purchase for the project. Since my garage is small and the car isn’t mobile, I have to have a way to move it around. I ordered these wheel dollies this morning to help with just that.

I also hung up the “to do” dry eraser board.

Stay tuned my friends…

Drill Press Bench

Today I got my drill press bench together.

Later I’m going over to the in-laws to pick up the drill and some other stuff like my rolling bench and my daughter’s bike (she’s going nuts without her wheels).

I painted a little bit more on the lofts.

I ordered the bins for the main loft, so the rest of this mess should be organized soon.