The House is Chugging Along

The guys are moving along quickly. The drywall is finished and interior painted.

The doors and trim have been installed. Cabinets have been scheduled for April 22nd.

I think we are finally going to close on the old house tomorrow. It’s been a challenge getting that puppy to the table.

On the Move Again

A bit over two years ago, we moved to our current home. I really thought I would get more done with the Ghia, but sometimes life has other plans for you.

We moved here in November 2016 with our two kids.

A month later, we adopted two girls and maxed out our bedroom space.

But we didn’t stop there. On June 20, 2018, we welcomed Zachary to the world.

This home is not big enough for the seven of us. It was time to sell. We close on April 3, 2019.

So once again, the Ghia was pulled out and moved to a friend’s garage for a few months.

Why a few months? Our new home is not fully built yet.

There is a nice big garage cooking though (12 foot ceilings; yes!)

So… this brings me to my point. After taking with my better two-thirds, we are going to get this project going after we get settled in. We also decided we are going the full-time roadster route. What’s more fun than a 225HP go cart?

Like a good friend of mine said…

Featured Ghia

This is a post from a member of a Ghia group on Facebook. I can relate to this and wanted to share.

Many of you have seen the story of my father’s ‘63 coupe brought back to life by House of Ghia.

Tomorrow my wife and I take the Ghia on a ferry ride over to Port Orchard to show the car to one of my father’s best friends. He knew my Dad when he pushed the car off the showroom floor in 1963.

This is a big deal for me, and an important milestone in the journey to restore the car and do right by my late parents and their memory.

Driving it is a little like spending time with them and, though it doesn’t bring them back, it does actually help.

Something to consider for any of you deciding whether to keep a car as part of your family legacy.

Cheers –