Painting Fun with Frank

This has nothing to do with the Ghia, but it was a fun week painting a Camaro with Frank. This went down in April of 2014. Below is Frank’s post about the project from his blog Frank Forged.

His original blogs can be seen here.  Painting with Frank

Day 1387 “Things are about to go down.”

Jim is here and this is about to go down! This is how we left it before we called it a night. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

Day 1388 “The Painting Begins”

Today was a busy day!

Here are some pics of todays progress.


Booth floor:

Ready to spray!:


Wet sanding:

Jim Posing while I Photobomb:

Day 1389 “Leaky Booth Problems”

8:44am: It was a very late night. We are crunched for time. We have 4 hours till rain sets in. Fingers crossed.

5:20pm: Waiting to dry then the shooting begins !!!!

5:29pm: Rain set in and we have to postpone the base coat spray since the booth sprang a leak.


Day 1390 “Painting is Done!”

Finally good painting weather.

Black is down.


Bone Mask:

2 coats down:

All the coats of base are laid. We peeled off all the masking.

A couple coats of clear down:

Action Shot: (After I ran the second coat, I let the experience take over. Jim shot the final coat)

Final product. And the longer it cured the better it looks.

Got a few runs (my fault) it got cold quick and clear doesn’t like that.

Special Thanks to Jim who stuck it out until the Job was done. The Leak in the booth cost us a day but it came out great!

Day 1392 “The Unmasking”

Starting to unmask it:

I’ve almost got it back together. It’s so dirty from parts being outside in the dirt.

Ditching the fogs:

Dat AZZ!:

Look, it’s a chunk-o-clear.

Debadged, waiting for the new decal:

Just pics: (It needs a good color sanding and buff. You can see some spots where the finish isn’t perfect. Good thing it’s all a matter of time and effort to fix.)

Day 1393 “First Time Outside the Booth”

It has made its first trip outside the booth.

I spent all night putting it back together.

I repainted the mirrors, handles, and locks.

Putting the window seal back on is probably the scariest thing I had to do. Those clips are paint gougers.

Installed the locks and mirrors and put the doors handles back on

Rolled it outside. the booth is empty

Day 1394 “Back at Work”

I’ve had many people waiting for me to bring it to work so they can point out all the mistake we made :-\ “Haters.” But, people are pretty impressed with it overall. You can’t really say it doesn’t look good.

First sun shot:

Day 1397 “Color Sanding”

Well this weekend I started the color sanding. I sanded all the runs out. There’s a few spots I’ll have to touch up later but you will never notice them.

First, the aftermarket fender chipped the front of my door. I had this problem before with that fender. This is part of the reason I swapped it to a factory one. The deer strongly suggested that I not use that factory fender.

Sanding down with 800:

Then 1000 and then 1500. It’s getting very smooth.

This week I’ll be working on it, Sanding with 2000 and then the compounds. Hopefully by the weekend it’ll be shiny once again.

Day 1405 “Polish”

Sunday I tried to polish on the car a bit, Unsuccessful might I add.

I’ve got to get a more powerful polisher and better compound. The off the shelf compound doesn’t work for this kind of polishing.

…and the finished product!